Hi, I’m Adrianne.  I live in beautiful Grand Rapids, Michigan, and I’m totally into instant-gratification and all things DIY.  Thanks for stopping by to get to know me a little!

Adrianne Surian

When I’m not chasing my kids around making sure they’re fed and clothed (seriously, why must they become spontaneous nudists the moment someone knocks on the door?) I’m an artist, craft project designer, and author with a published craft book.  I’ve got two art exhibits under my belt, and a third and fourth approaching this fall.  I share craft projects, DIY accessories, and home decor full time on my website, Happy Hour Projects, and for other national brands and retailers.

Happy Hour Projects

That’s right, I’ve got crafty street cred.  (I mean, that’s a thing, right?  Maybe?)  Really, I just love to make pretty things.  This was a passion-turned-accidental career… and I couldn’t be happier about it.

Agate & Copper Necklace 2.1

I spend my days with glue on my fingers and that one speck of glitter on my forehead that I can’t quite seem to wipe off.  I carve out a little time nearly every day for creativity – hour-or-less projects are my specialty, so it fits the crazy schedule of being a mother and a responsible bill-paying adult.  But in that hour each day, I get to craft and balance new cocktails, hammer on metal, cut, paint, glue, and glaze.  Then after my kiddos go to bed, I spend quality time writing until the wee hours of the morning, all out of an enthusiasm for making something with my own two hands, then sitting down to teach it to whomever wants to read all about it.

DIY T-Shirt Crafts

If you love to exercise your creative muscle and you like my style, then I invite you to support me by buying my craft book, or my new jewelry book, visiting my website at Happy Hour Projects, or signing up for the email list to be notified when there are new projects, and get access to members-only freebies.  Oh, and if you’re in Grand Rapids, Michigan during ArtPrize, be sure to find my art!

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