Antisocial Butterfly | by Adrianne Surian, 2016

Hey friends!  I’ve got new art to share – Antisocial Butterfly is now entered in ArtPrize Eight, and I’m looking for a great venue to display it this fall.  The connections process is always a little like your first dance… everyone is hoping someone asks them out on the floor.  Or, at least, says yes when you ask.

Art is tough.  I have never gotten more rejections at anything I’ve attempted than when I’m trying to get my art out there.  It’s so personal, and the critique on it can be just brutal!  I’m not easily offended, fortunately.  But it’s unlike any of my other creative pursuits.

So I’m not looking to dance with The B.O.B. or the GRAM this fall, and I’ve got some connections pending with a couple great pubs, and I’m just waiting to see where I end up this fall.  If you visit Artprize this year, be sure to look me up!   You can get updates on where my piece will be by checking it out on the Artprize website!

Why Antisocial Butterfly?  I prefer to let people interpret art for themselves, but it’s been an interesting year.  I’ve found a lot of solace in my private time, though I still want to be part of the excitement.  I’m finally achieving some balance as an extroverted introvert.  Or an introverted extrovert.  Can one just be a vert?  Something to ponder.

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  1. DeAnn Leach says

    I enjoy your projects and newsletters! When i read your posts, it always seems like you’re smiling through. Your positive and cheerful attitude is contagious and i find myself passing it along to others. Thanks for being such an inspiration! Btw, your new profile picture is very nice!

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