"Bloom" Mixed Media Mosaic by Adrianne Surian

I’ll be returning to ArtPrize for my second year this fall with my new mosaic, “Bloom”.  If you’re planning to be in Grand Rapids, MI for the event, be sure to stop by Tavern on the Square to take a look, and if you’re browsing art, then be sure to add my piece to your list!

I get asked quite often about my art, because it’s not really a “true” mosaic.  Faux-saic?  Is that a thing?  (I mean, why not, right?)

When I create my pieces, I arrange hundreds of tiles together, each with a 1-inch square piece of a digital picture, to create a picture taken from nature and color-altered.  It’s in the true spirit of a mosaic in that many images some together to create the greater picture, but it’s not created in the traditional way.

That’s kind of the story of my life – doing things my own way… maybe not the traditional way… but following my instincts and my heart to build something I love and take pride in.

Adrianne Surian Signature


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